We need to help role models


Not everybody wants to be a role model. Not everybody wants to be an artist. If you’re not keen on being the forerunner, there are many other ways you can contribute.

Firstly, support other artists who are (or might become) role models. Find them and give them any support you can within your own area of competence. Artists need a wide variety of skills and assistance – there’s almost definitely something you can do to help. Artists need recordings, they need posters designed, they need websites built, they need publicity, they need business advice, they need help with their accounting, they need teaching, they need encouraging, they need believing in.

Secondly, encourage other artists to jump in. Spread the word. Continue the conversation. Let’s move this forward together. The change we need is cultural. We are the culture. It’s us. We are it. And if you’re reading this, it’s you too. Be the change.