We need role models

Hand prints in sand

It’s one thing to talk about all of this, it’s entirely another thing to do it. We have the necessary tools and technology. The barrier to entry has never been lower; what we need now is the attitude. The way to change a culture is by showing leadership and responsibility. We need to lead by example. We need people.

So, will you be a trailblazer, a role model? Will you lead from the front? It’s not for everybody.

If you’re going to be a role model, your most important attributes will be courage (which isn’t the same as fearlessness) and openness. Some experiments will work; some won’t. You’ll put yourself out there. You will fail, and we will learn from your failures.

It will be scary. You’ll need to take risks in public. And you’ll need to tell us stories from behind the scenes. What were your hopes and fears? What challenges did you face? You don’t need to give us all the answers – if you document your journey, others will have the opportunity to analyse and dissect your experiences. They’ll then be encouraged to form their own advice (or further experiments) for the artists following close behind in their footsteps.