There’s room for everyone here

Eyes funny

This is very exciting.

If you want to make things that aren’t physical, the start-up costs and production costs are the lowest they’ve ever been. Furthermore, the effort of reaching people (both in distance and specialisation) is the lowest it’s ever been. Small players can now sustainably make things for the niche markets that were ignored in the pre-internet era.

Of course, this now means there are many more people making things than ever before. Looking around, this can seem quite daunting. If you want to make things, it’s easy to feel discouraged by thinking that you’ve missed the boat and there are no new ideas left.

The key to moving forward is to escape the ‘mass mindset’. Don’t think about categories; think about niches. What is a niche? Every category holds the potential for multiple niches. Within every niche, there are multiple smaller niches. And in every niche, the opportunity for nice things to be specially made for people who previously had to settle for mass (or larger-niche) things.

We’ve started to see this process unfold with the explosion of sub-sub-(sub)-genres in heavy metal and electronic music in the last couple of decades. But this is only the beginning.

This is exciting because there’s now room for everyone to become music makers. And now all of us weird people can have nice things.