The Man


2015 KL Portrait 1 1120

My name is Kim Lajoie. I’m a Melbourne-based music producer and artist mentor. I’ll try to keep this brief.

With over a quarter century of music behind me, I’ve worked with artists who have toured internationally and performed on national television to audiences of millions. Most importantly, I talk to artists every day. Every. Single. Day. Based on many years of conversations and collaborations, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the independent recorded music industry.

I have worked in industries including technology, print publishing, music production, photography and promotion. Although these industries seem quite different, they share some significant commonalities in their rapid transformation brought about by the emergence of digital technology.

This book is based on advice that I’ve given to artists for many years, in a form that allows you to explore the relevant issues much more broadly and in greater depth.

I want to acknowledge the help I’ve received in making this book.

I’m especially grateful for my editors Dina Amin ( and Annelise Ball. Both were instrumental in bringing structure and clarity to my writing.

I’m also very grateful for my designer Melinda Traves ( She’s responsible for the clean, clear design that makes the book such a joy to hold and read.

I’d like to thank Sabrina Robertson, Steve Palfreyman and Thomas Reiner for reviewing advance copies. They confirmed that the book is right on the mark. Their positive comments were 100% unsolicited.