The Book

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The Golden Age of Independent Music is a book about the future.

In this future, songwriter-musicians (referred to as artists) will be able to create deep emotional connections with their audience and earn a living without needing to be ‘discovered’ or ‘famous’.

The book covers:

  • How the digital revolution has transformed the recorded music industry
  • The role of art in society and the need for artists to connect with their audience
  • The cultural shifts that will occur in the music industry over the next decade
  • Practical advice for how artists (YOU!) can create deep emotional connections with your audience
  • What you can do immediately after reading the book.


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The Golden Age of Independent Music is a physical book that will be delivered to you.

You have three ways to get the book:

  1. You can get a signed copy of the book, along with a personal consultation with me to help you apply it to your own music project.
  2. You can get a signed copy of the book, without a personal consultation
  3. You can get an unsigned copy of the book, without a personal consultation

Which option do you want?

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Wow! What a fantastic read. I can honestly say it held my attention for each and every page.

And the best bit, you covered everything that came to mind as I read through it. It’s thought provoking, inspiring and realistic.

At the end of reading it, I asked myself if there was anything missing, or worth including but I couldn’t think of a single thing, because I really think you’ve covered it.

— Sabrina Robertson, Artist Manager and publicist, Maths & Magic

Awesome stuff!

There’s an important message here that people need to read.

The more this gets out, the better things will get.

The last couple of chapters were definitely my favourite, there were some great ideas that align with my beliefs and I think they will resonate with artists that give the book a read, too.

I particularly like how digestible it is – everything is communicated in a way that’s easy to read and it’s very conducive to helping people to think differently rather than telling them how to.

— Steve Palfreyman, Artist mentor and entrepreneur

It is very clear and sensible. A good analysis of the state of affairs. I understand and appreciate the logic.

— Thomas Reiner, Coordinator of Music Composition, Monash University

Working with Kim Lajoie has been a revelation. I have released music on labels all around the world over many years, and no one has equalled his professionalism, or seemingly been able to achieve goals so effectively. He understands the business intimately and tailors what he does to fit perfectly with your ambitions. I don’t think there’s enough praise I can give him for what he has done for me and I recommend him without reservation – he rocks!

— Barry B, Sunsaria, Independent artist

This man changed my perception on music and has inspired me beyond the book itself… Order, Read, SHARE!

— Amelia Aparicio, Independent artist


— Mr DJ Wally, Music promoter