Quit shopping – you already have all the tools you need



As discussed previously, it’s never been easier to get started making music. Artists have all the tools they need to produce and distribute their music affordably.

In the pre-internet era, physical infrastructure was essential in production and distribution of a particular record. Recording studios were essential. Delivery trucks and aeroplanes were essential. Publicists were essential. Advertising was essential. The digital revolution has now made this entire physical infrastructure optional. Still valuable, yes, but it’s no longer necessary. Artists now have the tools to do the production and distribution themselves at an affordable cost.

Recordings still require equipment and skill, but the barrier to entry is dramatically lower than it used to be even two decades ago. Then a revolution began in the late 90s when you could buy music production software for your computer. Now, you can download music production software directly to your telephone. Apps are now plentiful, accessible and easy to use. Some are free and many others are affordable. There’s also a lot of cheap hardware (such as keyboards, microphones and guitars) that doesn’t suck. The rise in affordable quality equipment is due in large part to the dramatic rise of hobbyists. Equipment manufacturers have been working hard to meet this growing market and the result is healthy competition that has produced an abundance of equipment for emerging artists.

In fact, you probably already have more than enough equipment to make and share great music.