Make friends with your initial audience

Cows talking

You’ve found your initial audience; they like your music and you’ve started to talk to them about your music. Your next goal is to develop your music and your relationship with your initial audience in a way that makes them love your music. Not just ‘like’; love.

If you don’t want to just leave it up to chance, you’ll need to be methodical about what you do next. You’ll need to observe your audience. You’ll need to talk to them. You’ll need to take some risks and see what happens. And you’ll need to get better each time you repeat.

This can be quite challenging, and even confronting. You cannot hide behind your music. You are a public figure – the physical and personal embodiment of your art. People will believe in a song if they can identify with the person delivering it to them. Your audience needs to relate to you in order to relate to your music. Your personality needs to shine through, in a way that’s congruent with your music. Music is much more than just audio.