Know your audience better than they know themselves

Numbers with glasses

By now, you should have a thriving audience that adores your music. Now’s the time to expand your audience and stretch your limits a little further. In order to do this successfully, you need to be certain of why your current audience loves your music and understand the impact your music has on their lives.

When deciding who to market your music to, you need to look back at your initial audience. Your second audience will undoubtedly be quite different to your first, however they must share some similarities in order for your music to be valuable and relevant to them.

Remember those people outside of your core group who liked your music by accident? It might be worthwhile to take a look at these people now, as they may be indicative of other tribes and niches who may also enjoy your music.

Let’s say you’re making music for 20-30-year-old heavy metal fanatics in North Melbourne. If a 25-year-old heavy rock fanatic happens to like your music accidentally, he may be indicative of another niche in North Melbourne that might enjoy your music for different reasons. A 40-year-old heavy metal fan may be indicative of yet another adjacent niche. A fan in Bendigo may be indicative of another adjacent niche again. Obviously this is a simplistic example, but it should give you enough to start thinking about your own accidental fans.