How to know when you’re ready for growth

Race training

You will be ready. It will take longer than you expect or hope. But if you’re diligent and attentive and disciplined, you’ll be ready. You’ll know you’re ready when you feel the momentum, when you feel the force that pushes you forward.

You’ll know you’re ready when people you don’t know keep coming to your gigs. When you see fresh faces that keep coming back, and you can’t figure out how they might have heard of you. When even low-profile gigs end up with a full house. When you find yourself with a whole bunch of new friends that met you through your music. When those friends start pestering you to tell them when your next gigs or releases are coming up.

You’ll know you’re ready when your audience start asking for more music. When each single release attracts a series of people asking for your (non-existent) album. When people ask permission to share your recordings with their friends. When you run out of CDs and merchandise at gigs. And when your audience thanks you for releasing new music.

You’ll know you’re ready when you start receiving unexpected attention from industry figures. When managers start to approach you. When bloggers and journalists want to interview you. When publicists and bookers offer to represent you. And when you’re not quite sure how they might have heard of you. When you start getting an eerie sense that you’re being watched and noticed.

These are the signs that your music is powerful and resonant. This is how you’ll know you’ve struck a nerve. When you’re making music that people can’t help but talk about and share and get excited about, you’re making music that matches perfectly with your audience. Just like an opera singer who can break a glass by singing at its resonant frequency, you’re now making music that is ready to explode.