Accepting that ‘marketing’ is not a dirty word

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Marketing is not a dirty word; it just has a bad reputation.

People tend to associate marketing with pushy advertising and disrespectful promotion. This negative baggage arose in the era of mass, when marketers and promoters only had tools that were (by today’s standards) crude and blunt.

As a matter of fact, most people don’t actually know what marketing involves. Most people think it’s something like promotion and advertising. They believe it involves a whole bunch of lying and manipulation. This is a misconception.

Effective marketing allows you to be subtle in your manner and respectful of your audience. It allows you to whisper the right words to the right people, instead of having to shout out loud to no one in particular. Good marketing involves listening and understanding the needs and values of your audience. Who are your audience? What is important to them? What music will they love? How do they want to communicate with artists? Understanding and listening to your audience will ultimately provide you with clear direction for the type of musical contribution you can make. You know you’ve marketed your music well when your audience start thanking you for it.