Accepting that art and business are not opposites

Graph through heart

Capitalism isn’t the Devil – it’s just a tool. But the Devil wields it profitably.

There is a persistent belief that business and art are mutually exclusive; that they unavoidably compromise each other. The myth is that if you focus on your art, your business suffers; and if you focus on your business, your art suffers. Certainly that’s happened in the past, but it’s not a universal law. Far from it.

Art is needed to sustain business and business is needed to sustain art.

A business is just a system that allows you to help people, and allows those people to pay you when you’ve helped them. That’s all it is. It’s a way to get paid for making a significant contribution to the lives of others. As an artist, your contribution is your art and your business is the system that allows you to earn a living. When people love your art and feel that it makes a valuable contribution to their life, they will be happy to pay for it. If people don’t feel that it’s a worthy contribution, nothing will entice them to purchase or acquire it – not even a free giveaway. In order to sell your contribution, you need to give people a reason to buy it. It is your responsibility to make music that your audience feels is worth paying for.